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      There was a gentle significance in the question which brought the color to Liliass face. Esmeralda said no more, and both girls stood in silence and watched the solitary figure pacing up and down between them; then Lilias kissed Esmeralda.They rode every daysometimes for nearly a whole dayand whether they were riding or walking, Trafford was generally alone with her. Insensibly, though he never spoke a word of love to her, he was courting her. In a thousand little ways he showed his care of her. She was never permitted to mount the mare until he had examined the harness; he always put her up; he restrained her when the jump she wanted to take was too risky even for her. When they went out for a walk, he was always waiting for her with an umbrella or sunshadeboth of which articles Esmeralda regarded with something like contempt. He would not let her walk too far, and while they rested at some farm or cottage, his manner toward her impressed the people of the house with her importance.

      She was laughing merrily when Irby reappeared in the crowd, motioning that he had found nothing. Her gloved hands raised in fond apology, and Hilary's absence, appeased him, and he entered the vehicle.May I? said Esmeralda, delightedly. Then her face fell. But Im afraid he would not come. Hehe said he would not.

      All over! Yes, it is all over; it is too late now, thought Esmeralda.

      If you like, she said, resignedly.

      They met again that night at a reception, and Trafford spent some time talking with her. It is scarcely necessary to say that they were watched, and a whisper went round that the Marquis of Trafford was for the first time serious, and that he had marked the Golden Savage for his own.

      "Good-by," came her answering murmur.


      Esmeralda! went up from the hot throats.In a sudden white heat the granddaughter clutched one aged knee with both hands: "Wait! If I don't get seven times all it was ever worth, the Yankees shall!" Then with an odd gladness in her eyes she added, "And she shall pay her share!"



      The pair stood in it. With a bound like the girl's own, clear day had come. Palely the river purpled and silvered. No sound was anywhere, no human sign on vacant camp ground, levee, or highroad. "Ah!"--Flora made a well pretended gesture of discovery and distress--"'tis true! That bugl' muz' have meant us good-by."But she need not neglect you in doing so, said Esmeralda, na?vely.