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      "I have no wish to recover. I only want to die."

      Tabitha made no such remarks. She was singularly silent and thoughtful, as she stood looking down at the crowded room from her point of vantage on the kitchen table. She had only eyes for one figurethe willowy form in the glistening white satin gown, with the feathery Japanese chrysanthemums, a little crushed and faded by this time; or perhaps it may be said for two figures, since one followed the other as the shadow follows the substance. She saw them waltzing together, when supper was in full progress, and the room comparatively clear. She saw the graceful head inclining towards his shoulder, the slender waist held in his firm embrace; and it seemed to her that the waltz was an invention of the Arch Enemy. She thought of it very much as people thought seventy years ago when Byron wrote his poetical denunciation of the new dance. She saw those two moving slowly towards an adjacent ante-room, where banks of flowers, and a couple of sofas and low easy-chairs made a retreat which was half boudoir, half conservatory. She saw them moving side by side, talking to each other in tones so confidential that his head bent low over hers each time she spoke; and then she watched them sitting just within the doorway, at an angle where she could see their faces, and attitudes, still in the same confidential converse, she with downcast eyes,[Pg 67] and he leaning forward with his elbow on his knee, and looking up at her as he talked.


      Im looking forward to seeing all the folk, said Norman.


      "What do you mean by Lostwithiel disappointing her? Did he jilt her?"She dressed Esmeralda, and stepped back, as usual, to admire the effect.


      But I know all now. Ever since I found out the truth I have been thinkingthinking until I thought I should go mad! All the way here, while you thought I was asleep, I was going over it all, and my eyes were opened, and II understood! It was the money you wanted; and not only you, but the duke, and Lord Selvaine, and Lilias Her voice grew thick.