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      So it is done, Trafford?

      "Did Doctor Remy say that he would call again?"

      He waited for a week or two, and then, one morning, when they were riding together in the park, he said to her:But you must forgive me for singing his praises so wildly, said Lilias, with sweet humility. And it must be unnecessary; for you know him.

      Well, you see, he said, slowly, you are growing up; you will marry some day

      Esmeralda, knowing that the parting had come, turned her horse and faced the boys. She tried to speak cheerfully, but the tears stood in her swollen eyes; she dropped her reins, and could only gasp out:

      It may well be questioned whether love ever dies. It disappears from sight, no doubt; it ceases to be felt as motive or end; the very heart from whence it sprang believes that it is no more; perhaps a newand trueaffection occupies its place and does its work. But is this apparent death anything more than a partial decay, analogous to that by which thousands of perennial plants seem annually to perish from the face of the earth, under the frosts of autumn, but the roots of which, nevertheless, carefully preserve their life-principle within, ready to respond with swift springing verdure to the tender kisses and tears of the springtime sun and rain? Is not all death only a sleep?"Yes, this is Rome," cried Allegra. "Isn't it lovely? Isn't it all you ever dreamt of or hoped for? And yet people have so maligned itcalled it feverish, stuffy, disappointing, dirty! Why, the air is etherinspiring, health-giving! April in Rome is as fresh as April in an English forest; only it is April with the warmth and flowers of June. I feel sure you will grow ever so much stronger after one little week in Rome."


      Did that three-quarters of a mile seem longer or shorter than usual? Isola hardly knew; but when she saw the lights shining in Tabitha's kitchen, and the fire-glow in the drawing-room, she was glad with the gladness of one who escapes from some fancied danger of ghosts or goblins.


      Isola quickened her pace outside that solemn gateway, and seemed to breathe more freely. She hurried even faster at the sound of a footstep behind her, though there was no need for nervous apprehensions at that early hour in the November evening on the high road between Fowey and Trelasco. Did she know that firm, quick footfall; or was it an instinctive[Pg 47] avoidance of an unknown danger which made her hurry on till her heart began to beat stormily, and her breath came in short gasps?


      When she got home, she told Lady Wyndover, and that lady was thrown into a state of mild excitement.