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      Deftly Jeff caught the skid.

      All right, agreed Sandy. Dick, you and I are the ground crew. As soon as youre ready, Mr. Whiteside, well take hold!

      By a common impulse of curiosity they stooped and went in. Sandy, his own impulse following theirs, was inside almost as quickly.Choiseul made, undoubtedly, a large offer for peace. It was that each power should retain all such of its conquests as should be in its hands, subject to exchanges and equivalents, in Europe, on the 1st of May next; in America, the West Indies, and Africa, on the 1st of July; and in the East Indies on the 1st of September. But Pitt had declared that he would never make another peace of Utrecht. He considered that we had France down, and he determined to retain everything of value. He therefore replied that the proper period for the principle of the treaty to take place was that on which the treaty was really signed, that it might so happen that it would not be signed at the dates named, and he did this in order to complete a scheme, which he had already nearly accomplished, that of seizing on Belleisle, an island on the coast of France. It surrendered in July, and the news of this loss was speedily followed in Paris by that of the loss of Dominica in the West, and of Pondicherry in the East Indies.

      Theres the amphibian, Dick muttered. Strandedcracked up, maybe. Butif we could get down and land, we could use her, two of us could, to go to the swamp and see whats therebefore anybody else gets to the life preserver the jewels must have been tied to.

      Budyoull get along!


      To their left, as they sped on, the lighthouse poked its tower out of the drifting, dispelling fog.